How the Rainbow Vacuum Can Help You Clean More Effectively

Vacuum cleaners are one of the most convenient home appliances that have been created to date. Besides cleaning up dirt and debris effectively, they can also help improve air quality and reduce the likelihood of spreading allergens.

The advent of Rainbow Vacuums re-introduced the concept of cleaning the air with water. While conventional vacuum cleaners rely on air to remove the dust and other particles from the surroundings, Rainbow Vacuums offer a more effective cleaning method by removing the likelihood of allergens and pollutants staying suspended in the air.

Here are some ways you can achieve more effective cleaning with Rainbow Vacuums.

Water filtration system

Rainbow Vacuums rely on a water filtration mechanism to clean the air.  Its cleaning technology revolves around using nature’s most powerful cleaning material, water, to clean surfaces and purify the air.

Its powerful suction capability effectively removes dirt and other unwanted particles and debris from various surfaces, which are then directed to the water in the basin. These particles are trapped in water and can be discarded with it. However, with bagged vacuum cleaners, there is always the risk of remnant dust and microscopic particles staying in the surroundings.

HEPA neutralizer filtration system

Besides the water filtration system, the Rainbow Vacuum also has a HEPA neutralizer system which can remove almost 100% of the contaminants from the environment, hence getting rid of the allergens from your surroundings.

Hence, the Rainbow Vacuum is not only a cleaner but also works as an air purifier, enabling you to breathe cleaner air.

Clean multiple surfaces

Another great feature of the Rainbow SRX Vacuum is that it comes with many fixtures and add-ons that you can use to clean various surfaces, including tough floors, carpets, upholstery, drapes and curtains, blinds, mattresses and walls.

It can get to the trickiest places, like the back of your refrigerator, nooks, and corners of the house, where cleaning can be difficult. So it comes with a separate refrigerator coil cleaner and a crevice tool to cater to tougher areas effectively.

Moreover, the main cleaning tool of the Rainbow Vacuum has an LED light, so you have better visibility when capturing dust particles or tracking dust bunnies.

Since there are no filters in the machine, there is no risk of the cleaner clogging up and compromising the vacuum’s suction power. So, you can easily clean the house in one go without switching your cleaning equipment in between, as the Rainbow vacuum is equally effective on the floor and the carpets.